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About Alyn Fireplaces

Bow front design 1947

With over 65 years experience designing and installing bespoke our expert team of installers is the perfect choice for you.

Here are some guidelines to help the process run as smoothly and quickly as possible:

Fire & Stove Guidelines:

Although we always endeavour to send our surveyor to assess the site before installation, if you could prepare a couple of things before we visit it would be greatly appreciated:

If you could take relevant measurements while browsing it will help the selection process go much smoother.

Useful dimensions:

1) The width and depth of the chimney breast (if your property has one).

2) The width and height of your existing fire surround (again, if you have one).

3) The width and height of opening within your fireplace for your fire (if there’s nothing blocking it).


It would help if you could take a picture of the area where you wish the fireplace to be installed, preferably from as far away as realistically possible. It need not be printed – just bring the device with the picture on – showing us a picture can be much more straight forward than trying to explain it.

Don't worry!

If you can’t manage to do any of these things don’t panic, they are just the time to things we will do on the survey. The advantage of doing the above before you visit is just to speed up your selection process and make it easier for you. We always have some on hand to help you through the selection process. We can also give you a more accurate estimate in the showroom if we have the above information.

Please contact us if you feel we can help.